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Glass article made in germany

Already since 1945 – for now 67 years the Schöbel Crystal Glass Manufacture in Warmensteinach / to north-east Bavarians produces high-quality and mostly in manual labour made glass articles and crystal articles for the areas of Design, Technology and Tradition.
As an family enterprise we make optical glass & technical components for industry and craft just as complicated Dekoration Projects in the area Visual of Merchandising for national and international groups. We equip famous hotels and cruise ships all over the world with our lights & objects – and deliver our standard products just as custom-made products – which put out more than 60% of our manufacturing – to our loyal customers – worldwide.

The company has – with connected dwelling house for employees – a surface of more than 10,000 square metres, as well as it encloses a building size of more than 4,500 m ³ to enclosed space. Here we occupy our mostly long-standing employees with the production of high-quality products for our respected customers in Europe and abroad.

The irreplaceable manual labour, as well as the creativity and reliability of every single one allows Schöbel Crystal Glass to look confidently in the future. Our flexibility and the unconditional will to correspond to the wishes of various customers and demands as quickly as possible and in the best way possible, as well as the extensive manufacturing possibilities of the whole company – will let us successfully insist furthermore.

We also convince in international trade by good & dependable sources and the observance of demanded prize standards and high-class standard. We guarantee this – thanks of our specialist knowledge here on site – from first up to the last step. We arrange for the fact that the customer precisely gets what he would like to have. We refine here also with own means various raw products and improve these as requested.

We adapt ourselves steadily to the demands of the markets and the respective needs or create even own niches. Thus the first articles were made in winter, 1945 Christmassy tree jewellery (out of decorated old CARE cardboards brought in form pastes with ground glass shards which got a coat hanger then with wire from empty machine gun belts.) We are up to date – also with have online shop and increase steadily our topical offer.

We train our own scilled employees and pay our taxes and contributions reliably and without omissions. As reliably we fall back on long-standing suppliers and our infrastructure. We maintain own waste warer cleaning system, we separate the garbage and follow the regulations on the environment protection just as the other legitimacies. In addition, we are involved at the place in sports and culture.

Made-in-Germany is for the Schöbel Crystal Glass Manufacture not only any empty phrase, any sales argument, no! It reflects rather our positive basic setting to country and people – and our obligation to the own as well as to the local tradition again. Since centuries glass was made in this valley in the Fichtelgebirge.

You see, you can count on us. Ask if you have questions or come and see yourselves.

With kind regards

Ralph Schöbel & Team