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Lights of crystal glass directly from the lighting manufacturer

As a manufacturer of glass lighting we offer our own light collection as well as custom design of glass and crystal lights. Schöbel Crystal Glass expels its lights and lighting concepts since 2000 under Upperglass.

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Hotel lighting – lights for hotels, bars and restaurants directly from the manufacturer

As a manufacturer of high-quality glass lamps and glass lights we closely work together with architects, hotel planners, lighting planners, interior decorators, lighting designers and traders. Schöbel Crystal Glass produces a wide spectrum for the lighting planning at hotel, bar and restaurant.

For the public area we also produce individual solutions according to the demands of the customer and by architectural demands. Especially for hotel lighting Schöbel Crystal produces glass lights in oversize, lights which have special mass or the demanded electification, custom-made lights or quantity production after default are our standard.


Hotel light – table lights, wall lamps, standing lights in the same design

Schöbel Crystal Glass produces as lighting manufacturer a wide spectrum for the light planning at hotel, bar and restaurant. The hotel light series we offer especially as light families – wall lamp, table lamp, sofa lamp, lobby lamp and floor lamp in the same design. We conceive ceiling lamps in oversize ideally for hotel lobbies and halls together with the hotel planners, architects and interior designers.

Hotel Light Sofa Lamp Solid Balls One


Glass lights to measure – directly from the manufacturer

As lighting manufacturer Schöbel Crystalis able to produce light series or also single lights on custom demand or lights value engeneered. We dispose of a big choice in glass components, metal parts and light screens for the lighting construction. Designers, architects and interior decorators can put together lights according to their project, choose the suitable light screens, the desired wiring and electrification.

Lamps and lights of glass – fascinating living space lights

Glass lights lend to your living space an individual atmosphere. The lighting influences your residential situation, therefore, it is important to choose the suitable lighting. With suitable wall lights, floor lights and ceiling lamps you feel quite fine, relaxed, efficient and motivated. Their home emits cosiness and invites for staying. For it a careful choice of the lights is worthwhile.

If requested we offer to you lamp shades and lights completely according to your personal wishes and ideas. So, for example, shades with own material covered, a special colour or outsize of a lamp. Please ask us!

Glass and light – crystal lights as an eye-catcher

Glass is a material which also does not change about many years and keeps its own charm. Glass is easy to clean and will not change his once calm form again. That’s why it belongs to one of the most popular materials in the production of lights. For a light different glass kinds can be used which are decisive then for the quality.

•    Crystal glass has very light-refractive qualities. The light conjures lighting effects to your walls and becomes the true piece of art.

•    Matted glass provides for a pleasantly warm, vague light. Therefore, lights of opal glass are used often in bedrooms or sitting rooms.

We as lighting manufacturer and our designers use the different qualities and colours of the glass to put together quite different lights collections. From simple ball and cubes from crystal, about polished or also lacquered glass parts as components, we create true pieces of art from light.

Lamps of glass conjure light plays in the space

Glass lamps inspire the viewer and tempt him into the dream. The grinding and the structures of the glass throw their incomparable light play on piece of furniture, walls and covers. Glass is woken by light to the life.

Lamps and lights of crystal glass from our traditional production own a special craft refinement. Thus traditional hut technologies are used in the glass production.

You have questions to our lamps or need an offer? We answer with pleasure. Simply, nevertheless, call us, send us an email – or simply use our inquiry form.

your Schöbel Crystal Glass team