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Ceiling Light Concept – Bespoke Chandelier

As lighting manufacturer and glass manufacture which is connected very strongly with the lighting sector, we have worked out a ceiling light concept for architects, interior decorators, light planners and light designers which functions like a kit system. This ceiling light concept allows individual configuration for the standard price. These ceiling lights is suited especially well for public areas like shops, bars, restaurantes, halls and hotel lobbies, as well as for the private household.

Ceiling Light Concept- directly from the manufacturer

We offer different ceiling panels combinable to each other which are equipped then with the desired glass elements, you yourselves choose length and form of the glass hangings. Thus rooms can be equipped quite especially after the architectural circumstances concerning size and length with the suitable ceiling lamp. These demands often appear with stairwells and input areas like hotel lobbies. Schöbel Crystal produces ceiling lights with outsize and the desired height – up to 10-m height , individual production as a standard without specially surcharge.

One chooses individually

  • Ceiling panel
  • Glass hanging
  • Length
  • Form

We offer our crystal ceiling light concept and our glass curtains since 2000 also under UPPERGLASS.

Catalogue – here you find an overview about our crystal ceiling light concept and our glass curtains

Ceiling panel – choice

You have the choice between 17 different standard ceiling panels in different forms and dimensions – with each other combinable, because the dimensions of the single panels are tuned on each other

Lighting after choice

Material after choice

  • brushed high-grade steel
  • coated steel metal in white or black


Glass hangings – choice

You have the choice between 17 different standards to glass hangings in different forms, colours and dimensions


Ceiling lights of glass – light and crystal create a unique atmosphere

The reflections of a ceiling light of glass generate a light play for feeling fine, relaxation and works. The really elective lamp or light puts our living space capably in scene, inspires and puts optical accents. Ceiling lights of crystal whether modern or traditionally are an eye-catcher in the eyes of the viewer and a sight that ties up and enchants. Public areas and living rooms receive an atmospheric and unmistakeable character – with the exclusive ceiling lights of crystal from Schöbelglass.

Hotel light – bespoke ceiling lights for lobbies, bars and restaurants

With our high-quality ceiling light concept we produce as lighting manufacturer a wide spectrum for the light planning at hotel, bar and restaurant. This Bespoke Chandelier Concept permits an individual creation to which no limits are set.
For the public area we also move individual solutions according to the demands of the customer and according to the architectural demands. In this field we closely work together with the architect, interior decorators, light planner and lights designer.