Technical Glass

Schöbel Crystal Glass offers technical glass and optical glass for industrial application.

Technical glass that we offer in detail:

Optical Components
Opto-electronic Components

Optical Lenses
Fresnel Lenses
Aspherical Lens – High precision
Spherical Lens
Fire polished Lens
Double-sided molded Lens
Signal Lenses

Optical filter glass
Optical Filters (Optical Filter Glass)
Pressed Optical Glass
Grinded Optics
Plan Optics
Optical Prisms
Signal-optical glass
Signal glass

Oil Contol Glass
Machine Glass
Reflectors of glass
Glass Insulators
Glass profiles
Glass tube
Profile glass tube
Glass rings






Technical Glass Assortment

Optical Lense Size:  5mm up to 100mm Back Emitter and Retro Reflectors   Schöbel Crystal Glass offers a wide range of optical components. Our assortment encloses glass filter, shining-pressed and polished lenses and high precision components