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Chandelier Parts

Chandelier parts directly from the manufacture – more than 7000 forms

Catalogue – here you find an overview about our whole offer of chandelier parts, chandelier hangings and specialty parts for the traditional lustre

Chandelier parts assortment – here you find a choice of our offer of chandelier parts, chandelier hangings and specialty parts for the traditional lustre

For the restoration of old chandeliers and lustres decrease in small numbers of pieces is also possible


The most essential traditional chandelier parts:

– Almonds

– Balls: crystal balls plain – cutted – faceted

– Bobeches

– Beads: crystal Pearls plain –  faceted

– Chains: Plain crystal ball chains – Octagon Chains

– Chains: Cut and faceted round crystal beeded chains

– Chandelier Arms

– Coffin Drops

– Crystal Parts with through hole

– Columns

– Drops – Drop Prisms

– Fruits and leafs

– Harts

– Head prisms

– Ice cicle

– Interpieces

– Octagon: Octagonal Crystal Jewel  highly brilliantly – machine quality (MC)

– Ovals

– Pear Shape Prisms Drops

– Pears with flat side

– Pearls: crystal Pearls plain –  faceted

– Pendalogues

– Pendants

– Pendulux French – scalloped

– Prismatc Squares

– Plug Drops

– Prisms

– Rosettes

– Square Prisms: Square Crystal Jewels

– Spears cutted

– Connecting material, clips, pins, hooks and related Chandelier Items


Schöbel Crystal is an factory authorised agent and distributor of Asfour Crystal

Chandelier parts from high-quality 30% of lead glass cutted, as well as bright lustre polished

Lead crystal is smooth or polished lead glass. With lead glass it concerns not a crystal, but glass with a certain composition.

Semi-precious crystals and Strass Crystals, a precious stone imitation and jewellery glass is also made of special lead glass.

Crystal chandelier parts and chandelier hangings are produced mainly of lead glass. The light refraction is raised by the lead glass. This effect demonstrates the chandelier more high grade and more brilliantly.


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Chandelier Parts – Competence and Know How

Schöbel Cristall Glass as manufacturer of chandelier parts disposes of the worldwide biggest form fund for traditional chandelier parts and maintains with it the traditional craft of the glass doer art in the section lighting glass, since 1945 from Warmensteinach.

Chandelier Parts – produced in glass manufacture

We produce glass and crystal chandelier parts, chandelier hangings and specialty glass parts that you need for a real chandelier and lustre – in all possible colours and implementation, in individual manufacture as spare parts and in industrial decrease amounts, project-oriented or as a call from frame missions, crystal chandelier parts loose or already chained – in brass or chrome. We lead in addition to the chandelier parts also ornamental clips, prism clips and other metal connection material in various current colourings, just as pinning pliers, chaining accessories and related Chandelier Items.

Chandelier Parts – wide range

Octagon, almonds and rosettes (star rossetts as well as flower rosettes) round pearls, faceted pearls and rhomb pearls, as well as balls, jewels and beads are our standard assortment. We produce leafes, fruits and birds (parrot) as glass hangings, also we offer French pendulums like drops, pears and spears, prisms and coffin drops, square stones, as well as prism plates and other retro glasses from the 60s and 70s. Also we offer bobeches, glass arms, bowls, columns and other crystal specialty parts for the trimming or the restoration of crystal chandeliers.

Exclusive chandeliers and lustres – customised manufacturing

If requested we also produce whole chandeliers and lights according to custom design, our extensive own possibilities and our infrastructure. Custom chandelier by Schoebelglass!

Chandelier Parts Assortment

Chandelier Parts Catalogue here you find an overview about our whole offer of chandelier parts, chandelier hangings and specialty parts for the traditional lustre             Octagon the Article Number appears when you go with the cursor on the picture Size range: from 10mm up to max. 60mm Square Prism and …