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Furniture Handles

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Furniture handles directly from the glass company

The furniture handles are produced directly in our glass manufacture in germany. We offer a wide range of furniture handles as a standard, in addition, we offer as a manufacturer also bespoke manufacturing of handles. We produce and supply with our glass handles furniture manufacturer, culinary studios, carpenter’s workshops and interior decorators.
The glass handles of Schöbel Crystal originate from pressing, grinding and polishing of the glass. Technical skill by the processing of the glass is based on old tradition. We unite it with spirit of the times, lifestyle and trends. The design of our knobs collection stand for contemporary design, combined with high technical functionality.
To some of our furniture handles there are also the suitable glass door handles and shower door handles as set of the same series.
Where one also looks – in every house, in every flat, in all rooms so to speak there are pieces of furniture. We find doors and drawers with many pieces of furniture, as for example to cupboards or chests of drawers. If these dispose of a handle, they open or close themselves considerably better. For kitchens and furniture manufacturers we offer a real alternative to the customary metal and wooden fittings. Industry and manufacturer of pieces of furniture can order up individually handles or choose from our wide assortment in furniture handles.

Furniture handles of glass of the manufacturer: the variations

As many-sided the design of the pieces of furniture is are, as broadly the offer of furniture handles is fanned out in trade. To every piece of furniture there is a suitable handle. Furniture handles of glass offer the possibility to choose forms and colours, as well as to come at customised wishes and to produce accordingly. Hence, the different style directions of the pieces of furniture are no obstacle. Whether facetted handles, modern or antique handles, the imagination are put no borders. Schöbel Kristalg Glas also has to offer especially demanding or luxurious designer furniture handles. Pieces of furniture can be decorated tastefully. Furniture manufacturer and kitchen furniture manufacturer

Furniture handles of glass: The intended purpose

Furniture handles of glass are usable everywhere. Furniture manufacturers, kitchen furniture manufacturers and the furniture fitting specialist supplier are put in use application and in the use no borders. Whether in the culinary area, in living rooms or cubicles, even in the bathroom the furniture handles put a special accent. Beyond the living space the handles are also used in the Caravan, on the boat or yacht, even on cruise ships.

Kitchen handles of glass for manufacturers of kitchen furniture

With glass handles in the culinary area above all the puristic glass bar handles are liked very much. Every kitchen furniture front is transformed by the crystal implementation in a harmonious kind of a simple kitchen to a designer object. We offer manufacturer of kitchen furniture a wide assortment in glass of kitchen handles and the conversion of individual designs.

Furniture handles of glass: the advantages

Cupboard doors and drawers open or close themselves with such a handle lighter. The soiling with glass doors is considerably lower if a handle exists. Besides is a furniture handle not only practically separate a special mark lends to your piece of furniture.

A varied offer of elegant and decorative furniture handles as well as quite plain and simple handles will help to improve in appearance of the desired piece of furniture.

The newest trend: An ingenious gift idea are the furniture handles to be filled. These handles are made out of glass pipe and meet, for example, in the culinary area excellent approval. Filled become the handles according to imagination, e.g., with coffee beans, noodles, rice, nameplates etc. small expenditure – big effect. To the wealth of ideas are in the area of Furniture handles like one can recognise at all examples boundlessly.

Dive into our many-sided offer and get an overview. Here you find furniture knobs and furniture handles – as a furniture manufacturer and trader of furniture fittings the suitable handles.