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Glass Door Handles & Shower Door Knobs

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Glass door handles and shower door knobs directly from the glass company

The glass door handles and shower door knobs are produced directly in our glass manufacture in germany. We offer a wide range of crystal glass handles as a standard, in addition, we offer as a manufacturer also bespoke manufacturing of handles. We produce and supply with our glass handles glass door and shower door manufacturer, carpenter’s workshops and interior architects.

The glass handles of Schöbel Crystal originate from pressing, grinding and polishing of the glass. Technical skill by the processing of the glass is based on old tradition. We unite it with spirit of the times, lifestyle and trends. The design of our knobs collection stand for contemporary design, combined with high technical functionality

To some of our glass door handles and shower door knobs there are also the suitable furniture knobs as set of the same series.

Shower door handles: the variations

So variously, as the offer of shower tubs or shower cubicles is, so variously is also the Schöbel Crystal Glass offer of shower door handles. For a shower appropriate for wheel chair one needs, for example, another shower door than for a corner shower. There are sliding doors, quite normal to close shower doors, besides, swing doors and revolving doors, are the doors mostly either of plastic or glass.

We as glass manufacturer produce shower door handles in all possible colours, dimensions, forms and style directions, so that one can always find the suitable shower door handle, according to taste and simplicity of the use. Indeed, there are also door handles for quite normal glass doors and not only for shower doors. Glass doors are found, for example, in glass cabinets or also in some cupboards. There are them also as passageway doors, as for example in balcony or terraces doors or doors which lead to a stairwell. For the people who prefer an especially luxurious ambiance Schöbel Crystal has to offer also designer shower door handles or glass door handles. With these extraordinary shower doors and glass doors can be decorated especially tastefully.

For producers of glass doors and shower doors we also realise bespoke design in colour size and form.

Shower door handles of glass : the advantages

As already mentioned, doors can be easier opened with such a handle. Should it concern glass doors, these are not smeared so strongly if they can be opened by means of a handle. Moreover, shower door handles or glass door handles serve among other things also the decoration. Therefore they can lend to the shower doors as well as the glass doors generally a special mark.
Here come up to interested people varied possibilities to find from the extensive offer of elegant and decorative glass door handles and shower door handles as well as just quite usual handles, the suitable handle for the available doors.

Find out about the extensive offer of shower door handles and other handles for glass doors and find the right handles for your doors. As glass handle and knob manufacturer we are able to offer small or large quantities of handles.